Harald Gramberg – Indeed

Artist: Harald Gramberg
Title: Indeed
Keywords: avant-garde experimental germany krautrockprogressive rock psychedelic ambient
Label: Aumega Project

In the next block of text I mention not to like dropping names, so let me first start to drop the name ‘Harald Gramberg’. It is a nice name and if you have listened his album it’s probably a name you won’t forget so easily. It’s nice listening material to keep you in a steady pace, probably being well fit-able with any possible activity.

I don’t like to drop names so I just continue to drop two of them ‘daft’ and ‘punk’, I do this just to refer to the vocals in the first track on this ‘Harald Gramberg’ release. Daft & Punk you might forget, but Harald Gramberg you should not… Somehow it’s crucial information… the track is called ‘Traumzone’ and is music wise mixing elements that are pretty much forming a nice togetherness. The vocals reminds of that robot-masked duo, but the music itself is one that is a lot more open minded. It’s a nice experiment with a slow sounding rhythm which blends a acoustic minimal guitar-vibe with a unexpected trance-like synth & something that sounds a bit like a digital flute of sweetness. There is something to it that blends pop, guitar friendliness and space rave hints together, sweetly mixed up in a very cooled down rhythmic fashion. Oh yes, fashion!

This laid back style steps nicely through the fashionable catwalk vibes of ‘Voyage Caraïbe’ which got this perfect groove and fine easy going guitar blobs that would fit a nice walk along the neighborhood. See it as an alternative location for the fashion show. It also has this nice loopy male voice that just speaks ‘good vibes’ to the ears in the backdrop, without literally saying them. There is also a female voice included who sound exotically French, clearly helping the work to sound European and well traveled. I mean if just gives it a bit of a exotic European holiday feel…

Taking about places we have never been and would like to go and spend a holiday; Neptune in wintertime. If the music of Harald Gramberg doesn’t lie (why should it?) this must be the perfect location to be surrounded in glorious Neptunenous winter-time; no idea how that would look like, but I expect friendly smiling neptunians swimming around in warm water with Christmas hats on. The music is secluded from coldness, going more for a calm but unstoppable rhythm mixed with guitar friendliness. It’s sweet. The lovely surprise appearance of lovely sounding vocals even sweeter!

The ‘Nachtgedanken’ is one of the synthesizer bubbling materials on this release, with a sexy wordless voice placed at the right places for an all round electronic-sound sensation. It’s doing it’s thing and takes the time for it, but is one of those tunes that could basically play forever and ever on loop & still you would love to even repeat the loop-sessions. It’s one of those works that you could hear all week, month, year and not become bored of it.. so if you would miss any ‘reviews’ from me being posted here; you know I’m just stuck listening to this track over and over again… it’s nice!

I think it has been too long not to have dropped a name, so here is one; Evelyn. It’s a nice name, has nothing to do with the music, but still felt like it belonged here. Excuses if you thought otherwise… the next track ‘Psychedelic Moog’ has of course the name ‘Moog’ in it; so we are not the only one dropping names.

Psychedelic Moog’ isn’t unpleasant either, slowly taking these psychedelic moog sounds on a determent rhythm forwards, soothingly buzzing the pleasure centers of a moog-friendly mind. Never knew doctor moog was a brain surgeon who uses sound waves as it’s operational tools. After being so perfectly subjected to this friendly psychedelic state of mind it’s the perfect atmosphere to let ‘Wolf 359’ step into the front. It shovels around a bit insecure, but you could see the flings of beautiful nature within its deep eyes. Wolf 359 sounds like the wisest wolf around, staying in safe distance from possible trouble, checking the place calm and quietly from the forest ground, observing situations with its piercing forceful stare. If anything, the music fits this wonderful animal a great deal & as a reward (I’m sure) Harald Gramberg (remember this name!) would not be seen as food for dinner. With the nice percussion at the end, we should feel relieved enough to go for a slow mystical dance, channeling our own inner wolfs. A really nice release indeed! Awoooohhhhh!


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