Potato Stars – The Bill EP 2016

To get in the mood for listening to the Potato Stars CD that was delivered to me in my mail box by the uniformed government worker (at least until its sold to private corporations) I set up the mood with this episode of The Bill.

Next up… CD in my trusty old rusty outside on the patio sound system. ( = shitty old boom box)
Next ….. on my computer… all vibes, all places…


Then I listened to it in my car because I heard that you should listen to it there, and every other where. This is why I set up so many occasions and locations to listen. Now these tracks are embedded in my brain including the classic Triffids cover that was embedded well before.

Potato Stars in the car!

While driving and listening I kept thinking that I was nicked by the fuzz. I kept hearing sirens and so I pulled over unnecessarily to the side of the road and then I became distracted by the 3 year old with the security blanket trying to make off in the family car whilst the Mt Hawthorn mumsies have 11sth. A 15 minute drive dragged out to an hour nearly caused me to lose my job.

Anyhoo, whilst driving along looking out for DC June and Jim Carver, I was drawn into the sounds emanating from there speakers. Distracted by a lassie on guitar … Cissi… the demon…the guitar demon. She is a ball of fire. She is. I better call triple zero. This woman carries this show. Its tight with Hurb Jephasun keeping the rhythm going and following the book is DC Tony Pola on drums and DC Pete Lisiewich. Its a well oiled unit. Its rock and punk and its kinda cuddly.

Potato Stars at work

I cant help but wonder if this is the Friday night fun time party band for these folks and their friends, and wondering how I can get invited along. There I could meet DC Tony, that guy who escaped from Kim Salmon’s lockup and Tim who may have been quietly praying with Rosemary Beads. But it doesn’t matter cos this is a good time and we are pissed off regardless. Meanwhile Spud Boy Brian is yelling it out for all of us with some great big angry lungs and he means it…he has a ton of energy and message he wants you to understand immediately. A N D they want you to know what your rights are. That must be a good thing…. to know to tell DC June to get your “brief” and that Maylands is not quite the same as Graylands… well its a little bit different.

..a little bit different

I was a little nervous to see the Triffids cover. Classic Perth 80s. This song made me happy though like a celebration of still being … a faster version ….. my baby thinks she a train summed it all up…. we are still here and we are OK. now… lets have fun.


P.s. I recommend playing the music at the same time as the Bill TV show …. 🙂
its the best way to listen!

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