Mark Ward – Universal

Artist: Mark Ward
Title: Universal
Keywords: electronic ambient dub techno Kiev

Writing about Mark ward’s universal is not the smartest thing to do, listening to it is a much smarter option. Listening and writing about it on the same time is a task that is harder then you might think… the music is so perfect in being the enabler to convert a conscious person into a subconscious one, that you might simply slip into the music and forget anything else. The electronic bliss is so calm and rhythmically kind that it somehow waves around the mind it’s web, making you ultimately one with the ‘universal’ music.

Luckily there is no need for claustrophobic panic or fear, as being one with the music on this release might be one of the most honorable pleasures you could possible achieve. There is no shame to let everything that you had been doing for what it was & become trapped the fly in the ‘Universal’ web. It’s a wonderful eclectic work of ambient techno that cares for you as if you are a unmissable particle in it’s gigantic system. The music is alive, breathing, sometimes wet, always warm enough to put the muscles into a slow motion…

smoothly Mark Ward’s creations absorbs you as a listener and the magic spell will only be broken when the release has done its complete thing. It feels like a reward, very chill… only thing that might be missing is a cold beverage. I think It’s recommended to prepare one before you tune in & become one with this pleasant Universal sound Abduction. It also might be that this release just makes thirsty… either way I believe it goes well with a drink, a peaceful evening atmosphere and the will to vaporize stress into thin air. Mark Ward’s Universal feels like a reward after a long day of work, so why not be good to yourself and jump voluntarily into Universal at the following link & let it devour you completely;

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