Network Of Individualized Sonic Extremism – Monolith

Artists: Network Of Individualized Sonic Extremism
Title: Monolith
Keywords: experimental ambient drone noise power electronics Pennsylvania

Carriry’s opening track of this compilation gives an instant bulge of alarming sounds, sounding similar to something you would expect to hear on a alien space craft that is ready to crash & is in panic mode. Somehow the expected bang of a crash never comes & instead the alarms fade away to make place for an enormous sci-fi mood in which the electric wires are making their noises & there is no alien janitor available to fix it.

Skin Contact easily takes over but makes the alien soundtrack sounding less panicky & actually more homely & ultimately more comfortable. If anything, the odd and pleasant movement of the noises made me think of a friendly tentacled alien brushing its teeth & taking the time to do it efficiently.

Fischkopf Sinfoniker’s Black Sky is deeply painted, layer upon layer of galactic darkness makes it possibly the darkest sky around. But it’s also a vibrant immersive one… one that isn’t so very much full of life, but instead is alive itself. Growing and expanding like a skyline with a never ending need to expand.

Mortem Obire’s mechanical Abyss takes the listener on a 25 minute journey of mechanic sounding ambient drone. A session in which somehow the air is melodic like a slow slipping gas that slips into places normally hidden from our view. Somehow the music feels like something you would expect to hear at a secluded ritual like the one in Bohemian Grove, with elitist scarifying their souls to some kind of deity.

Ursidae’s stasis is a strangely breathtaking beautiful track. It’s dark and minimally haunting, like a soundtrack for a mysterious movie in which something extreme would happen & this would be the surreal peace before the storm…

Corvett takes this vibe over but seems to transform it into a session of warm tension. It is as if soft humming backdrop noises of electric devices are secretly planning to take revenge on the person’s that they usually serve.

Naked Lynch is adding plingling piano bits from forgotten times to a certain atmospheric sadness that masquerades as dark ambience. It sings slowly and it feels somehow very rude to speak or make other noises through. It deserves our respect.

Subversive Intensions shows the listener how it would sound when you clean a never ending belt. If you always have wanted to know? – seek no further! Even though the title might suggest otherwise; the cleaning process does stop & has a nice scrub feel to it. It also comes along with the sound of a nice hygienic cleanness.

The track by Gripper is a lot louder, making dangerous & tedious sounds of spacious danger appear like snippets to crawl under your blankets for, just so not to encounter the sight of aliens in search for a test person to inspect the depth of a human’s buttocks.

The compilation ends with a lovely peaceful drone that sounds nicely mellow. It floats for a perfect ending, making the whole listening session one to feel contempt with. You could go and hear it all at the following link:

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