Scott Lawlor – Child of Rage

Artist: Scott Lawlor
Title: Child of Rage
Keywords: ambient atmospheric cinematic dark ambientdrone electronic horror soundscape space musicCorinth

Scott Lawlor has made an album that feels like a soundtrack for a mysterious movie of a raging child with complex composing tendencies . With a combination of smooth atmospheric drones, heavy freaking out on a piano and atmospheric strings the artist put the pressure on to the max. Don’t expect an easy ride of laid back material but stuff that keeps you on the edge of your seat, with a enormously high risk to feed you moments to make you even fall off from it.

The rightly planned ‘shock’ in music effects, come and go gradually and unexpectedly. Sometimes it’s the piano being played in a savagery way, at other times it’s the other elements that might slip under the skin for a scare effect. Sometimes it strikes, but at other times it just shimmers along, making you feel that something might happen & yet not always does happen or happens in such a way with full on unexpected crashes that you’ll be slightly terrified again; Scott Lawyer proofs to be a great soundtrack creator for cinematic tensions. Sometimes beauty slips through, creating a more off-balance to do tricks with the listener’s mind.

The music is inspired by a TV movie with the same title as this release, one that makes you feel like you have seen with your own eyes when reading up on it at its own Wikipedia page. It’s a intensive movie about a raging abused child, based on a real life story with a somehow hopeful ending. Just reading up on it gave me the same ‘on edge’ feeling as listening to this release, which is intensive but also a nice thrill for the cinematic-hungry ears. Check it out over here:

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