Hanin Elias – Kraken

Artist: Hanin Elias
Title: Kraken
Keywords: electronic, passionate, anthem

Dazed digital (you probably never heard of it) had asked multiple artists to create an anthem. Many complied with varied results & personally written statements about what their anthems where about. Not to slack anyone off but a lot of them made bullshit anthems; my band is great, toilets for everyone & glory to the Amazons. Not everyone’s anthem was far fledged, but few had been using the opportunity to keep it real & spread the word to an actual cause.

Hanin Elias was also approached and teamed up with producer Electrosexual to create a anthem with a personal explanation that did make the cut. Hanin might not have given it words, but by doing so it became music-wise a universal language understandable to everyone with a pair of working ears and a heart. I encourage you to read her written statement that came along with it, as that would not only save me time to write my own analyzes, she definitely writes a hell lot better too:

“I made an anthem of nostalgia, hope and resistance to apocalypse, concerning my home country Syria. The anthem has no words. There are no more words left. Just the spirit. Syria – a country that had been on a list for geopolitical gain and destabilization. A country that feels left alone and betrayed by the media lies and one-sided narrative of western governments. All my life was dedicated to sing, write and scream about politics. Change and riot was my purpose but these things have been highjacked and used lately. 1984 is getting awfully real. No matter who is in power in the US, they just seem to continue the path, the puppet before them has been told to take. They are all in the same club… It all leads to control and globalization.” – Hanin Elias

Now, let’s hope Dazed is confused enough not to claim copyright and sues our asses for copying Hanin’s passionate words & secretly embedding her anthem here within this post.

Anyone reading this will know that we just wanted to push these important words and sounds to the larger public that our humble popular blog has to offer. So great intelligent readers like you, dear reader, will not have to go through obscure sites, spitting through musicians you have never heard about or cared for.

It also gives us a great excuse to inform you about Hanin Elias’s fundraising campaign to help the Syrian families in war torn & sanctioned Syria. She is one of the few artists that you could trust in living by her word & keeping things real. If you have some money to spare and want to be sure it goes 100 percent to the ones in need, please don’t hesitate to donate to her case, she will go to Syria in April and will personally bring the donations to the ones who need it the most.

No business deal, no secretive agenda, just straight humanitarian aid from person to person. It’s probably the only charity case you could trust, so if you could donate (even if it’s just a few pennies ((after all you can’t eat money anyway))) please do so:


Thank you Hanin for going out there and doing what you have to do, thank you very much (potentially) dear royal giving reader & thank you again Dazed for not suing our asses. Much love to all of you!

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