Nora Gomringer vs. Buben – Die Insel

Artists: Nora Gomringer vs. Buben
Title: Die Insel
Keywords: poetry, electronic, techno

The writing Swiss/German poet Nora-Eugenie Gomringer’s poetry has gotten a new interesting life by fruitfully mingling with the electronic music of Buben. It’s a great get together of styles, somehow making the air of artistic intellectualism that hangs around poetry readings melt with the on-the-floor fumes of psychedelic underground techno parties.

Nora’s German words set to pounding four by four Buben kicks, high hats (and I’m not talking about the ones you could possible wear on your head) and hard claps certainly feels good. When the acid (within these tracks) kicks in, it feels even better; Buben & Nora’s creatively teaming up is a way to bring to secluded scenes together & it oddly not even only seems to be a great idea on paper, but it actually helps elevate both artists their work into a new level.

Where underground techno parties had been catering mindless beats & poetry nights providing a place for other poets listening in; the combination is somehow expanding the horizons of both arts. It is clearly beneficial for Nora to get her words out to another platform & to Buben to make the music more than music. Above all, it’s also beneficial for us lucky listeners, really getting that 2 in 1 kind of feel! Add the fact that this release is also very free to download & play and… well… that’s pretty nice, innit?

If every poet night would be presented in this way, it would be packed with dancing ravers all ready to intellectually expend their minds while extremely open for the worldly love thanks to the presence of XTC pills. If techno nights would have poets on the mic like Nora doing here on Buben’s dance music, the scene becomes much more alive and interesting. In the end poetry night and techno nights would simply be integrated; a nonstop crossover celebration showcasing that our differences are in fact not so different at all. To honor this release let me end this review with a poem:

Poetry techno
techno poetry,
Living together in harmony
Kick ass kicks
high-hat thrills
All tracks killers,
no fills

Here it is in pink, a very pretty link:


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