Bloodless Mushroom – Moss

Artist: Bloodless Mushroom
Title: Moss
Keywords: electronic ambient classical electronicexperimental experimental electronic instrumentalsymphony synth Beaverton

I’m glad to have the honor to inform you about ‘Moss’ by Bloodless Mushroom. A symphony of 13 instrumental works that feels very much like an alternative underground version of Disney’s fantasia. No gigantic orchestra is executing these scenes here, but instead a much more computerized sound with a high midi feel is expressing it all; making it sound much more fuzzy and ground-friendly.

It starts with ‘Ferris’ which sounds to me like a under the ground place of sand and dirt, colorfully lighted up by alive living mushrooms enjoying a miniature fun fair. It’s definitely a Fantasia scene that never made the cut.

Also within ‘Mossdwellers’ you could just feel the ground, wet and moldy, nicely portraits with honorable dream music in which ring worms crawl & meet and greet each other in polite ways. The sounds come across so earthly, it feels like they had never seen the light of day.

‘Dripping Snow’ is also a nice theatrical composition, one in which odd earthly creatures hop on ready to be featured in experimental movie in which dance moves are more important than words. Someone should make a animation based on these tracks by Bloodless Mushroom.

‘Stalactites’ sounds a bit sharper, as if actual stalactites of different sizes are hit as if they are melodic percussive instruments. The melody that plays along with them sounds a bit like a floppy disk drive setup to go undercover as a classical instrument.

‘Loam’ is loaming around…

‘Glass Electrons’ are the cutest, or at least Bloodless Mushroom makes them come across like this: very friendly and sweet. Almost adorable enough to make you want to hold the music to your heart and give it a hug.

‘Ursine’ is more colorful, slowly stepping around as if it’s avoiding with every step to step upon a living life-form or organism. It’s a graceful happening for sure.

‘The Climb’ is the soundtrack for what sounds like a difficult climb. Just imagine a climber attached to a cliff with a rope stuck inside the wind, making the climber swing from side to side instead of straight up.

‘Tracking’ sounds like a parade of fairies stepping through the first winter snow. Their footsteps are light, their existence and life goal a total mystery.

‘Vines’ is a fine bit of vine fluff.

‘Suspension’ feels like the soundtrack for an acrobat balancing on a rope suspended in the air between two high hills. The acrobat clearly stepping and swinging around to keep its balance.

At first ‘The Ogress’ sounds a bit like an ugly creature, walking around with a hunchback on the mossy forest grounds, but just like the story of the ‘ugly duck’ the Ogress transforms into a true elegant being.

For the last track Bloodless Mushroom gives us the soundtrack for ‘melting ice’ and it feels and sounds exactly how you would think it would sound like in a Disney-ish underground way. In any case, ‘Moss’ is lovely and imaginative. You can hear it all over here:

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One Response to Bloodless Mushroom – Moss

  1. linda says:

    I do not intend to eat the mushrooms, but boi they are delicious at the ears! I find it a very good accomplishment that the songs are having the same style/sound, yet the album as a whole does not get boring. It nicely bubbles in your ears at the background, like mold growing on the bathroom ceiling. It doesn’t disturb you, but it’s there and moving. It’s not very toxic.

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