Oyama – Lavage Dedans EP

Artist: Oyama
Title: Lavage Dedans EP
Keywords: experimental hnw ambient amen breakcore dentdoom nightcore noise random shitpost teeth Nantes
Reviewer: Simon Hit

Oyama’s Lavage Dedans is probably the best inspiring and hygienic release you will ever hear. Just hearing the original track will leave you wondering how the hell it is made and done, such audio perfection and such a session to get your imagination up and running. What kind of instrument is used to make this music? It sounds so noisy and yet so analog; like a wonderful hand-played composition with amazing audio effects that sounds wet and somehow breath refreshing.

You won’t find such a work of dedication every day so when you hear this EP you will just be stunned in the wonderful contents that it has to offer & the mystery of how it is made & what it is that you are listening. The many mixes will just help to elevate this wonderful release to the higher parts of audio perfection earning its own star in the kingdom of cult stardom.
For some reason I believe Oyama is blessed with a good set of teeth, shown in a smile because this is genius…

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