Cindy Wilson – supernatural EP

Artist: Cindy Wilson
Title: supernatural EP
Keywords: pop cerebral electropop indie moody psychedelicAtlanta

I love how the ‘Frenzy’ song by Cindy Wilson opens up. Not only opening up the entire ‘Supernatural EP’ but specifically the ‘Frenzy’ tune itself. It’s all in the beginning which sounds a bit like unsure of itself, making you feel like obnoxious and happily surprised when in a quick pace the song folds open into a delightful pop format with lush candy-like singing, a shaking rhythm to swing your booty along with and a pleasant sounding baseline.

The whole happening is nicely identifiable with the first words sung in the next song: ‘Hesitation before you begin’… but trust me my hesitation to trust this release has gone straight out of the window. The music becomes like the sensation of a fine glass of champagne twinkling down your throat, making you feel light headed and dreamy. The sweet melodies and hazy feel of the music in ‘time’ is like a fairytale character tucking you into bed with a song to snuggle up too.

The ‘ballistic’ song will wake you up, shakes your bed like an earthquake, getting ready for a pillow fight! The shaker claps a steady tempo but the music is more rocky, going for a hobbling off-beat and then interlocking the groove again for a fine empowering session. The song is sung like a true rockstar and the music rocks like legends!

The ‘supernatural’ song on the ‘supernatural EP’ is the smooth intergalactic dreamy space all the way at the final end of the release. It floats sensually, as if a feather had gone to a far galaxy and just flies around broadcasting super natural music back to earth. It’s a lovely EP and you could find it over here:

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