Siren’s Sky – Heal You

Artist: Siren’s Sky
Title: Heal You
Keywords: ballads rock alternative pop alternative rock femaleindie pop indie rock pop rock Rotterdam

Did you ever come across the sound of God? I’m not talking about these strange debunked videos on YouTube featuring strange horn like sounds coming from the sky, but music that has this god-like presence? Why is it so hard to describe? It’s not as if the music was made by a God, but somehow feels as if it’s done by followers who made music by channeling this God-like spirit. In the case of ‘Siren’s Sky’ it pretty much feels like that; you hear the band play and the pretty vocals sing & automatically feel like we are on a festival in which God loving humans are standing on a field with their hands high in the sky in order to receive (probably) the healing lights of the one who is looking out for them.

Personally I’m intrigued enough to go to such an event, to check out what’s happening, speak to the people and get to know what’s their thing. Still I never really got it what they ‘feel’ but somehow when I just let this release by Siren’s Sky do it’s thing & being open minded about it, I could certainly feel the twinkle of the holy lord entering my ears to see if there was someone home. I’m not sure if this music is meant to do this in any way, I couldn’t really trace the word ‘God’ or any other well sung bible friendly character within the lyrics (maybe it’s there maybe it’s not…) but feeling-wise I felt it: that healing light! 

This is a band obviously coming together with the good intensions, the voices of goodness and even the grungier guitar work (that appear at times) still feel more like a punch to the cheek straight into the heaven zone; a new direction away from the clear scene of burning in the flames of Hell that I already booked tickets for… It’s real fine, a group of people making music that feel like they are here on a mission to ‘Heal’ the friends and possibly save the sinners from becoming meat on the barbecue. I can’t say much about it other than that I appreciate Siren’s Sky attempt to help us all with their music & that the songs on this release flew by like a solid cure for the ones of faith and the faithless all together. Let me say the forbidden words to wrap it up respectfully; bless you all, rock on and hallelujah!

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1 Response to Siren’s Sky – Heal You

  1. Herbert says:

    Thank you KN – Kai for your pretty review. Glad you got touched by the vibe! Just trying to get close. Where all exterior is stripped Soul remains. Probably more Blavatsky and Theosophy than Christianity or any other religion but in the end it doesn’t matter.
    Bless, Herbert
    Siren’s Sky

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