Kraftwerk 2017 – Trans Human Express (Clone Music)

Artist: Kraftwerk 2017
Title: Trans Human Express (Clone Music)
Keywords: plunderphonics, clone music
Reviewer: Simon Hit
label: MAV

For some reason I believe that if Kraftwerk knows about the existence of their clone ‘Kraftwerk 2017’ they would make cursing words in German and translate them in English, suddenly make unexpected movements on their pocket calculators in the hope to dial up their well lubed robotic lawyers.

For some reason I imagine the members of Kraftwerk being all over their clone version, listening to every cloned hit with high blood pressure and absolute fury; are they losing out on credits, pissing next to their profits? Who are Kraftwerk 2017? And how dare they clone the man machine and so many other famous children of them!

If Kraftwerk could get their hands on them they would probably put their clone on the autobahn and drive all over it with speedy bicycles, or perhaps spread them tied up on the rails ready for the trans Europe express to speed over and chop their heads off in the process! Or perhaps Kraftwerk would be happy to hang ‘Kraftwerk 2017’ upside down in a radio active soup, or use a iron slash hammer and ‘Kling Klang’ their heads in…

Maybe they aren’t so murderous and have a good sense of humor, maybe they will even appreciate their clone and their Trans Human Express album… but it’s hard to believe that they would be very pleased, they haven’t released and rereleased their special classic hits over and over again to be just cloned like that & to see this clone giving their cloned music away for free must really be a thorn in the eyes; a reason to create foam around their lips. But hey, it’s a ‘Computer Welt’ out there and these kind of activities just go along with it.

Will Kraftwerk fans love Kraftwerk 2017 and this album? Who knows, it’s close to the one they cloned only worse. But who knows, maybe a true fan finds it refreshing to hear their classics in a Kraftwerk 2017 way, after all listening to the same Kraftwerk hits might make hungry for more of the same but different. In any case Kraftwerk fans and Lawyers representing Kraftwerk & any weirdo in between, here is a link bleep hoop cling boing:

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