Eisenlager – 2 crappy TRACKS

Artist: Eisenlager
Title: 2 crappy TRACKS
Keywords: experimental avantgarde dark ambient electronicindustrial Germany

Ah holy goodness, these 2 crappy TRACKS by Eisenlager really fit the spirit of the day; the absolute lunacy spirit! Not sure if it’s actually crappy or crazy & Eisenlager miraculously misspelled crazy and made it into crappy? Or perhaps it’s both; crazy and crappy! “Crazpy” A genre vastly unappreciated & unexplored and now (thanks to Eisenlager!) at your fingertips waiting to roll into your ears for a festive mayhem to drive you over the edge of stability.

I’m sure Eisenlager and you and me are just as clueless as what is actually happening in these tracks, but it for sure doesn’t sit still or becomes boring; it’s like a mental crazy soup of lots of things all blended and mixed together to make you probably feel like you are a mental person with a huge record collection mixing it’s cuckoo style right between your insane vortex of the mind. It’s a good time, lots of information on your brain although crappy number 2 feels more stable than crappy number one; so everyone gets a jab!

From Darth Vader’s theme, baby yells, to sweet bling & bemused sparkles, mouse like parts, stumbling beats, woozy pop anthems, speed up classics, screwed world-music, steamy laughs and hints of culture. Something’s fancy, others danceable but mostly a weird pastry of audio all waved into each other to make you want to go to the nearest lunatic asylum and ask the closest caretaker for a fitting straightjacket. With your hands nice and tight, they will hopefully place you in the room with walls of soft foam to bang yourself around in; let’s call it experimental dance expressions if you’d like! Why be sad? Embrace and enjoy your madness!

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3 Responses to Eisenlager – 2 crappy TRACKS

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  2. linda says:

    “Yeah I know it sucks!” the review website, so fast, the review is nearly sooner then the release!

    & I’m all in for Crazpy!

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