Fish Faddy – Daddy and the Bottle of Rum

Artist: Fish Faddy
Title: Daddy and the Bottle of Rum
Keywords: experimental pop multigenre Australia

Fish Faddy is definitely one of these music making characters you should be on the look out for! He is clearly funny, lovely, always ready to help a friend & has a functional persona that seem to be able to flip from cute and friendly into a bombastic source of fanatical fishiness. In other words having a singing and music playing pall as Fish Faddy will spice up your life for the best!

Fish Faddy’s kind humor is clearly the pulse behind the expressions of this album , clearly good to make your Monday paracetamol intake a less prolific one. With niceness and giggles Fish Faddy is keeping things real and original… let’s say he is a bit weird, but sounds like a lot of positive fun too; for sure setting a light breeze in your personal sail of the day, sailing you all the way into the next one!

And if this release by Fish Faddy doesn’t work for you; try combining it with a bottle of rum! Ahoy skippy, you might get fired today for being to jolly and unworkable, but at least you discovered Fish Faddy!

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