Since Nulius – Hell De’Mos

Artist: Since Nulius
Title: Hell De’Mos
Keywords: ambient antagonistic freak folk punk avant-gardedoom experimental metal Kansas City
Reviewer: Fred Ascination

Humans are so fascinating, especially some special ones like the person (or persons?) behind Since Nulius. Just listening to these tracks of its ‘Hell De’Mos’ release makes a sensible person mumble ‘what the hell?!’ as clearly it’s pretty much ‘what-the-Hell-material’. It begins with the oddly titled ‘thin eyes wide shit’ and from there it all goes down and up in hell… or no, I mean down and up the hill…

mentally it’s beginning sounds like some kind of obscure radio play, maybe captured with a secret microphone in a room in which the elite are doing shitty rituals. Who knows what it is, but the forceful spoken (or screamed) words captured in this recording are pretty fascinating… what the Hell is going on? Do we need to send in a ambulance? It doesn’t sound so pleasant but gosh it does sound fascinating! It’s a far-from-my-bed-show, an obscure expression that is worth to scratch the top of your head for.

But it’s just the beginning, the release is covered with odd vocal outbursts, sometimes cynically theatrical, other times much more like a love child of Tom Waits and someone we haven’t met yet. It’s like a combo of singing, half puking out the lungs and raw throat scratching in a passionate weird way. It’s not just the vocals that are fascinating, the music that gives it the sauce to wobble over isn’t your average normal thing either. I wonder what kind of people listen to this album; I bet they too are fascinating personalities!

Sometimes it’s like some rock show in sesame street and at other times a more anti-folk session in a whisky bar. But even these two examples are not fascinating enough to cover how it actually sounds like; it’s a bit like the album cover suggest: pretty weird, but interesting. There are many ‘other fascinating times’ in between too, even ghostly times are included; material in which the music goes in reverse and the singing is sung like a masked phantom who just broke its heart.

But for sure it’s the vocals spewed out, sung, spoken or forcibly forced to show up in drastic ways that keeps that ‘what the hell’ vibe a great deal. The sound quality seems to be varied too, but the odd passion within these tracks definitely stays & makes sure to be heard and felt even though I haven’t got a clue what it is exactly that is going on. But just that; being so clueless is what makes this release one to be fascinated about. The last track at the final end proofs the possible doubter that it’s not just the use (and abuse) of the voice that makes this release so intriguingly fascinating ; the music here on its own is like the weird core itself; a wordless soundtrack played half energy less, weirdly spacey until it’s time to say goodbye. Fascinating… fascinating…

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