Sahara Lounge – Hands & Lips (EP)

Artist: Sahara Lounge
Title: Hands & Lips (EP)
Keywords: electronic chillout downtempo erotic lounge sexySouth Africa

Perfect’ is the first word that comes up when listening to Sahara Lounge’s Hands & Lips. I’m not sure whose hands or lips was the source of inspiration for this music, but I imagine them being intriguingly beautiful, something of a natural kind to sink into with delight. Music-wise ‘hands & lips’ comes with such a pleasant steady sounding beat, one that rolls smoothly for at least 7 minutes and never becomes a bore. The relaxedly played guitar melody fits it like a charm, perfectly pleasing the ears in a most pleasingly revitalizing way. I wrote it already but have to mention it again; these hands and lips are perfect!

But it’s not only Hands & Lips that are sounding perfect, it’s pretty much the entire release. Listening to it is basically spending time in pleasant perfectionism superbly executed without any sign of OCD. The music sounds loose and free, very relaxed and yet from top to toe a showcase of what perfect music should sound like. Spending time with ‘Time Lament’ is probably one of the best things to do at the moment; you will be pleasantly taken away to a fine zone of smooth rhythm in a superb sound quality with a soulfully dreamy mellow melody that makes it sound like it’s made by a loving and caring human.

I wouldn’t lie to say that ‘closer to fire’ (the next pleasant sounding has had a very positive impact on the listening sensation. The rhythm is fun, the music is calm but uplifting, almost celebrating with a full string arrangement to make it more emotionally engaging and classic. It like a party in which a village had a victorious moment and now everyone comes out to show their liberated happiness.

The first part of ‘Relax on 228’ has a nice dubbier vibe within the rhythm, one that also provides a gentle base for a sweet caring piano and more electronic-friendliness to do their loving thing over. Half way the music shifts gear, first with a moment of floating without drums and than going for a climax by changing the rhythmic feel into one that brings the lovely melodic pleasantness gently back in. A fine ending for a ‘perfect’ release:

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