Valentina Spina – Realistic

Artist: Valentina Spina
Title: Realistic
Keywords: argentina experimental experiementalimprovisation jazz and improvised music noiseArgentine

In a nice crusty melancholic low fidelity way the first track on this release sets the scene. One track of coziness and strange background noises that are warm and yet unidentifiable. Is it coming from an old radio, a strange machine wired by connecting it to the central heating system? Perhaps a strange bumble bee transporting a special bug-like signal normally not meant to be heard by human ears? Whatever it is, in this case it’s called ‘Merlin’.

Next to ‘Merlin’ sits ‘Maullidos’ which has this nice sound of oldness and sentiment attached to it. I could hear things like a violin and a sweet repetition of some melody that made my mind think of a swing that has been swinging in the wind on its own. The lo-if goodness makes everything sound like an old memory, a audio postcard so to speak.

This feeling continues with the work that sits next to Maullidos. It’s name is ‘big trees’ and sounds so nice and grainy, like a perfect moment in time in which time is standing still and trees are captured in black and white or in a sepia color. In the music composition a little ticker can be heard, making it feel like a time clock ticking away on a bed stand; creating a ‘it’s all a dream’ kind of vibe.

Next to Merlin, Maullidos and Big trees sits Static. A nice fuzzy loveliness that sounds like a violin concerto of an experimental order, somewhat lonely but lovely with a very cozy sound. The fuzzy vibe makes it into a time of when watching television was similar as watching the fire burn wood in a open fireplace. Nice and crispery; a friendly get together for a small famiky.

All the way at the end in the row sits another lovely track, one with corporation of Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo, and it sounds like a continuation of the warm pleasantness of the other sitters but more pushy to feel elevated and energized. With a nice building-up loop of positivism it becomes a nice improvisational piece of melody and rambling backdrop artifacts. You will feel perfectly content and happy after this, so no need to have another ‘sitting’ tune sitting next to this one; it’s fuzzingly lovely.

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