Voodoo Owl – Prepay After Dark

Artist: Voodoo Owl
Title: Prepay After Dark
Keywords: alternative electronic experimental lo-fi pop punkWorcester

Hello and welcome at another fabulous review. So wonderful that you all are here! So nice to see we can all bury our differences and enjoy the sounds of music together! Speaking of music to enjoy together, this release by Voodoo Owl! It’s a real piece of cake! Well… not really a piece of cake, but you know (hopefully) what I mean by that. Let me tell you about it in chronological order!

The intro on this release sounds nice and fun; expect a happy lonely tight beat, some lunatic on a funky lo-fi keyboard and a bit of vocals all join up to say ‘hello’. How nice!

Before saying ‘hello’ back as a listener, the release will drop more fun with ‘snort lauderdale’. It’s the best; singing about a wet t shirt contest and drinking beer, what do you want to hear more? Also here the funkiness rolls out and the vocals are done in a jolly fashion. This band clearly has a sense of humor.

When they come up with a tune named ‘Lighted werewolf’ they sound like they are on fire, down somewhere in Transylvania playing their instruments while wearing bloody sharp teeth and capes that would make Bella Lugosi jealous.

After this they have ‘you ain’t got no proof’ which is sounding very minimal, but also very effective. A beat that could have rolled out of a electric organ and some cool vocals only popping up at the right times and places; super hip and yet not too hipster!

Oh and for us hungry freaks, they even included a ‘golden pizza’. It isn’t very big, more sounding like a ‘slice’ but it’s the right size to be filled up and feel happy. I love how they made it sound like a big crust, salty and perhaps with pineapple on top…

Zombie college apocalypse’ has a nice rough feeling, a bit like beck’s devil haircut but much more like punk cheerleaders doing crazy acrobatics and yells on a fanatically played rhythm. The cute melody that pops up makes up for the seriousness of it all; good times are all around! Even the appearance of Justin Timbersnake will not let us down; a sexy fellow who loves to receive at a bukkake fest.

Spontaneous Fang Sprouting is just missing the Beasty boys dropping their ‘intergalactic words’on top to make it pop up on the mainstream charts. The sound that gives it that beauty boy feeling is nice and growling, also the drums are giving it’s best!

For a more homely base comes the ‘blues jam’, it’s one that swings and has some easy going fun. It’s quick but enough to go for a spontaneous little dance session with your insane feel-good friends.

This kind ‘A thing is a bit like a close blood relative of the minimal sounding track ‘you ain’t got no proof’ even though I haven’t really have official proof for that. To skip the lack of evidence it’s good to discuss ‘Nuclear Eggplant’ which is a track that with its slimy start goes solidly into the crazy zone! One in which the eggplant forms a mouth and start to scream like a mutated piece of firework.

To make the mouth water they included a advert-friendly theme tune for ‘Magic Donald’s’ which sounds strangely poppy, commercial and tasty! Somehow it’s fun enough to make you want to plant some magic beans in the hope a magic Donald’s will grow out of it! As a bonus reward to having heard all the tunes on this funny album they come with a surprise reappearance of Justin Timbersnake who goes some pole dancing with its dong out! In any case, listening to this album is a real piece of cake! Do it over here:

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