2 tracks about life 

Artist: Singer Dr. B.
Title: God Gave Us Light”

Let me tell you about my new hero and favorite artist of this very moment; Dr. B. When you see the name ‘Dr. B.’ you might think of a rapper, perhaps with a golden chain around his neck and a piece of underwear on his head… but no, Dr. B. is nothing like that and in that way your first time discovery of Dr. B. is a well pleasant kind of surprise. Dr. B. is a mature singer /song writer with a kind voice and a nice accent that makes him standout among all the other singers. There is something to it that makes him a member of the old school, doesn’t use and don’t need to use those awful pitch correcting voice changers that so many young singers use as Dr. B. is like a frank Sinatra but very different.

What I like the most of Dr. B. is his appearance in his own video for his life-inspiring “God gave us light’ song. It’s not just him in a fancy video clip; it’s how he carries himself and shows how he works respectfully with a younger generation of musicians, to fill up a professional looking recording studio up with his presence & clearly making his dream come true. The song ‘God gave us light’ is I believe about life, like without light on earth there would probably no fishes, animals, flowers, humans, shadows and birds. Dr. B. sings about it so passionately that it’s better to just hear him for the full on 6 minutes than wasting your time reading my text and taking my words for it:

Artist: Baun (feat. Mhyst)
Title: We All Breathe [Music Video]

Dr. B.’s song really fits with another new music video with a similar theme, one animated JK Hansen for a tune named ‘We All Breathe’ by Baun (feat. Mhyst). This time no amazing stage presence of Dr. B. Singing his heart out, but music that is also about life! In fact this music video seems to shine a light on how certain things of life work. It has to start somewhere and in this case, potential life flows as liquid through the pipes, drips on the ground where it gets enough vitamins c from a close caring sun to magically grow into 2 persons of the opposite sex.

As quick as they are fully grown they meet each other, hold hands and start to explore their earth-like ball together. They go for an awkward swim. Meet a house pet, become intimate in the ideal yin and yang form and produce a new life form on their own who rides the pet until it’s all fully grown in order to miraculously encounter a similar person also taking advantage of a pet’s back. It can’t be very great for the build up for their leg muscle of the new life forms but hey… it’s just life!

So two different music videos, yet I feel like they belong somewhat together. Both clearly made with love for life and the artist’s arts. For more Baun you could check out https://soundcloud.com/kevinbaun and for the talented animator you could check out his website:

For Singer Dr. B. you should check out his official YouTube channel for more amazing songs and even a Christmas song & animation! Let me be naughty and just embed it here: (I know it might not be the right season but it’s too good not to be shown!)

In fact I feel such a big new fan of the lovely Singer Dr. B. not only because of his song of life, but he seems to have a song for all the right occasions. This one “keep me safe in your dreams” feels like it’s the the one to hear as a perfect goodbye song & ultimately the ultimate ending for this post. So here it is, take care, enjoy life!

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