Interbella – Breathing

Artist – Interbella
Release – Breathing
Label – Self Release
Release date – March 2017
Link –
Reviewer: Wayne Rex

It’s Friday, around midnight. You’re in an unfamiliar club and sweating like there’s no tomorrow. Where have your friends gone? Were they even there to begin with.. and how the hell did you even get there?? Who gives a flying monkey, because the DJ is spinning some music you have not heard before but it’s adsorbing through your skin and affecting your every being. What is this music you ask yourself?

Well, I’ll tell you what music this is.. It’s the new EP from the righteous dude from Rochester, New York, who goes by the name Interbella. Entitled ‘Breathing’ this is their latest release and it’s a cracker!! Mega stereo and bass and exceedingly high production values for any recording, let alone a self released one. You can tell from the outset that a lot of love, time and effort has gone into these five tracks but moreover you need to have a certain amount of talent or it will sound shite, and let me tell you that Interbella has talent by the bucket load as this kicks arse!!

‘It is what it is’ is the first track and set the scene and atmosphere perfectly for the rest of the EP. Catchy, lullaby almost, piano repetition is wonderfully coupled with some phat (yes, I did just spell it like that) trip hop, hip hop drums and I defy anyone to listen to this and not feel like the fucking DON!!

‘Satellite Breather’ is up next (could be clue here as Interbella is one half of The Famous Breathers) and the vocal samples are produced just so, so it’s not just vocals making percussive noises but it’s providing the lead, bass and a lo-fi accompanying drum beat all in one. Again there are some magnificent drum sampling here and some really spooky and ghostly noises and effects that you can’t help but sing along to it, like you have known the song forever and a day.

‘Earthquake Breather’ is the third track and has a really eerie feel to it. Like taking peyote and going to a nightclub with people that you dig but are not quite comfortable with. There’s a beautiful anxiety to this track. The vocal samples are like a ghost having a go at Mongolian throat singing.

In at number four we have the epic ‘ Washing Time’ The minute it kicks in you know you’re in for a treat. Nothing will grab your attention from the outside world whilst listening to this track. The pied piper of experimental electronica!! With it’s orchestral and dark opening that continues throughout the track and it’s laid-back behind the beat, slow funk-hop drums it’s got a summer tune written all over it. Dark as it may well be, it’s still a track that is humid, sweaty, too hot to talk, just drive in the beating sun with very little on but it’s so humid there’s an impending doom that one can foresee. Could be nuclear war or could just be some trivial shit but this track is humid inner turmoil and I bloody love it!! I hope Interbella makes a video for this track as would absolutely love to see it!!

Finally Interbella gives us ‘Time is Time’ which has some sweet, modern blue note style drum beats and some Balearic piano it’s a simple track but absolutely beautiful. To make it sound simple is the hardest thing you can do and this is a wicked jam that’s a great way to finish this rather marvellous EP.

There’s always a constant quality with all the releases from Interbella. Like German engineering with the soul and passion of a Mediterranean. This is no exception and offers the listener some tightly honed and seamlessly crafted electronic music that would satisfy any taste from the jazzer to the hip-hopper to the dance music enthusiast to the experimental fan. Go and find out for yourself!! Enjoy!!

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