David Liebe Hart – Insect Woman

Artist: David Liebe Hart
Title: Insect Woman
Keywords: catchy song, intergalactic marriage, video
website: http://artbyliebehart.com/

People are looking strange at me since a few days. Not because of (I believe) any weird visual oddities to my appearance but vocally I can’t stop singing ‘I’m in love with a insect woman’. Wherever I go they can hear my mouth singing this line and self replying it with a higher pitched voice singing ‘so in love’ & somehow this is getting strange looks wherever I go.

Now let me get this straight; I’m not (totally) insane and neither in love with an insect woman. This singing in public places has a perfect explanation in science; the latest and brand new hit music video for a super catchy song by David Liebe Hart! This song goes straight into a listener’s pair of ears, hooks itself to the pleasure and memory sectors of the brain & voila; turns you into someone who is singing ‘I’m in love with an insect woman’ everywhere and anywhere…

The odd and mistaken looks that I receive is proof that not enough people have heard and seen this music video cause otherwise they would probably instead of giving me ‘the look’ sing along and become a happy choir singing this song all together. I don’t know if this post will help to get the word out and spread that science has a perfect explanation for everything, but I truly hope to create more ‘I’m in love with an insect woman singers’…

But please don’t be scared to be looked at as a fool, just spread the music video to all your friends and family members and only members of society who didn’t see & heard this song will become the real fools. Also the ‘infection process’ is rather lovely and enjoyable; a spectacular music video created by Electric Phantom in collaboration with David Liebe Hart and his puppet family brings a visual spectacle of space travel and intergalactic marriage! A love story that will visually make you feel all itchy and scratchy and yet somehow aroused! Check it out over here and join the choir!


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