Santa Irena – SANTA IRENA

Artist: Santa Irena
Keywords: alternative Warsaw

Shoving up batteries in your anus doesn’t recharge you? Sipping down a curious cocktail of chopped up vitamins pills isn’t working out? Coffee is simply too weak or was so strong that it had burned your organs away? 

Why not try this ratatatata machine gun of punk music aka SANTA IRENA by SANTA IRENA? If you don’t speak or understand the Polish language; just imagine things that the lyrics mean and bang your head until brain-damage occurs & you are hundred percent sure you actually understand every word! In any case it’s the energy that counts and SANTA IRENA is so full of it!

Somehow I think it’s about salami, but if it is; it’s the most energetic songs ever to be written and played about salami! It really feels raw and real, as if it is pulled straight from the ground, but bursting with vitamins that are waiting to spike up your bloodstream and give your heart a good kicking. Imagine your blood cells traveling up the sped up bloodstream like a fanatic rollercoaster; adrenaline pumping and a unstoppable rush!

With 10 tunes that pass by as quick as a runaway bride, this release is spewing and eclectic, clearly armed with fuming flames coming out of the very passionate sounding vocal artist! She doesn’t seem to avoid what she wants to say and throws it out like a strong hammer that with every word always hits the nail! The music is just as fanatic, super tight and yet unpredictable; like a boxer who jumps around not to get hit and happy slapping guitars, bass and drums in order to go for a truthful ‘knock out’!

I really should ask Jan Strach (our Polish reviewer) to take a listen to this release as I’m sure the songs are like powerful statements that aren’t unimportant to mention, but hell; so much blistering energy speaks for itself in any language! Stop kicking your own teeth in & quit putting your fingers in the electric socket and instead try this release instead; it might energize you perfectly! This highly recommended power up can be experienced over here:

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3 Responses to Santa Irena – SANTA IRENA

  1. linda says:

    A great way to start the week! (sometimes I start the week on Tuesday oh lucky me) It’s a bit another me screaming at me to get to work. How can I not obey the commanding woman with the voice bending screams…

    I did a little google-translation and learned that the lyrics are way more poetic/romantic than expected. There’s another side to everything!

  2. Kamil says:

    please dont googlize those lyrics! 🙂 all of them are original poems from Polish futurists – Czyzewski, Jasienski, Mlodozeniec. Im not sure if there are any English translations of their works…

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