ReVerse Bullets – MNID

Artist: ReVerse Bullets
Title: MNID
Keywords: electronic experimental industrial psychedelic trip-hop Berlin

This release reminds me so much on this weird fetish of people scratching sporty shorts. The fabric that makes a nice sound when you put your fingers on it and move them like a fanatic maniac all over it. I’m not even smart enough to know what kind of fabric it is, something that hangs between the stuff that raincoats are made from and tents to camp in.

It’s like the bubble wrap fetish that turns normal people in fanatic weirdoes popping the air in the bubble wraps… but different as this is all about the scratching of the fabric and the sound that it produces. The Vinyl scratching fetish might also come to mind, yet I think this is sounding way more sporty! This got to be the sound of the sporty pants scratchy fetish with extras! The extras consists of voices sounding as if they come out of a police radio.

It’s fine, as who doesn’t love the sound of these police radios? And besides the second track will focus much more on the rhythm, craving it’s way out to outsource the scratching fetish to the back alleys. The result is a smooth anthem of a fine electrifying baseline and a tight beat that slowly becomes grotesque. It’s very suitable for wearers of leather jackets high on LSD… and no I haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about or the things that you just read; blame the booze and the following release:

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