Solar Kite – Remote Past


artist: Solar Kite
title: Remote Past
keywords: post-ebm,post-industrial,raw,synth,synthpop,hi,how,are,you,are,you,having,a,good,day?

I invite you, to get cozy. Sit on a bean bag if you have one, or some sort of voluminous squishy chair. Now that you are ready in the relaxation pose, maybe you should grab some incense, let your hands wander farther down south and touch the precipice of undergarmentry. Oh wait, this is supposed to be about music. Shit. I was setting the mood and everything. OK, whether you are at the precipice or not, let’s go for a riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide.

Solar. Kite. I mean, the name is great. There are solar winds. What rides on the wind? A FUCKING KITE. So we have some form of spacefoil recreational gliding going on here.
Sorry, got distracted. Was just introduced to OMD. Movin right along.

Oh baby. Them pads. Makes me feel all, in the space. Nice echoing, delayed percussions. Drifting indeed. Ho baby. The drums pick up and this space angel(DEMON?!?! time will only tell, and by then we might be in Hell). Ok, she has a good voice. That’s all I was getting at. Meshes very well with the ethereal tones as we are spiraling and contorting along this cosmic current. Remote Past. That’s the name of the track. More soundscapin mouths agapin, and then bam high note into the relentless void of space.

We’ve calmed down a bit, waiting for our dear friend the Sun to send us more winds to sail by. Just kind of floatin along in here. Until the kick starts in. Then we know that we have somehow incurred the wrath of some evil aliens. Evil, I say, for they decide to look at the world through the strangling limitations of law and justice. I need a permit to fly this solar kite? Get out of here man. This is the final frontier man, you ain’t goin to be anti-manifestin my destinay anytime soon. Thusly, we give a chase to these lawful beings, a spritz of interstellar material allowing our escape. Ok, so a bit darker toned, with more lovely vocals. So, as we continue, we forgot that more advanced species probably have cloaking technology. How a propos that this track is titled Invisible Acts. Soon, the long arm of the space law catches up to us, we none the visually wiser, as they pull us over and smack on additional charges. Other space-faring folk gawk at us as they pass us by. Ha! Look at the fool that dared to dream, that dared to live, sans consequence! We, general citizenry, are much more superior in our confined, bland, and dull ways! TAKE THAT!

Red Fear starts off rather energetic. Slightly darker. I was going to do this whole thing about communism, but I’m a rather super left leaning lad meself, so I mean hey, let’s share it all. Looks like out space kite banditry tale ended without a satisfactory conclusion. Let’s just end that portion of the review by stating, we get locked up, THE KITE BREAKS US OUT, and then we get it on, and have a lot of kite-human hybrid babies. Those babies in turn, have other babies, because kite and human offspring don’t have to worry about genetic mutations. Then they take over the universe. I like that ending. I hope you did too. Anywho, this song is sick. I like the pluckier? I don’t really know how to describe the non aether synth being used that seems to be prevalent throughout the entire track. It all just meshes together so nicely. This is good stuffs. And it ended. Sorry, this keeps happening. I’m workin on it baby I swear, one of these days I’ll last longer than 30 seconds and we can have real good love times in and around our respective pokers and pokees. Uhm, got distracted again *Caffeinate smacks himself across the face* (GET IT TOGETHER MAN)

Anyways, this was a nice release (heh…heh…heh…) and I think you may or may not enjoy it to, however to find out check out the link below (HOLY GARBANZO BEANS IT EMBEDS):



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1 Response to Solar Kite – Remote Past

  1. Jitters says:

    That cover is terrifyingly beautiful

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