‪Toxic Chicken Remix – Furchick – March of the Feathered Friends

‬When chicks meet up special things might happen. Like that time when a poisonous chicken found an egg laid by a furry chicken, the toxic one sat on it and reassembled it in the wait for the furry one to return & when she found it, she loved the new version of her egg so much; she laid spontaneously a complete new one!

This new egg took the sounds from the reassembled egg and when cracked open became a visual masterpiece with a release full of friends that the toxic one liked. That’s why they say that when chickens meet; miracles might happen!

The brand new egg hosted a gold fish, a wonderful diving dancer and our special music reviewer ‘Spicky Lee Jones’ the hamster! How they all could have been in the newly born egg is a wonder, but so is the whole concept of a furry chick and a poisonous one making eggs together & see & hear what happened!?

To capture this fine moment of birth and history making the lovely Furchick placed them all under a modern piece of technology named a ‘scanner’ and scanned them all in. Even the music of the first reassembled egg she scanned, merging the sound and content of the brand new egg together for a spectacular audio visual celebration! Something that makes you feel like ‘you won’t believe your ears and eyes’ and yet never say! Here have a look, have a listen:

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One Response to ‪Toxic Chicken Remix – Furchick – March of the Feathered Friends

  1. Linda says:

    ❤ lost for words, it's all just spinning and ringing. What a beautiful scrambled egg of noises!

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