Harley Cream – absentia EP

Artist: Harley Cream
Title: absentia EP
Keywords: alternative alternative pop darkwave eclectic glitch pop lo-fi trippy witch house witch pop witchhousePoland

Ah dear people, welcome back at another new professional ‘review’. This time you could waste your time by reading my gibberish words about the Absentia EP by Harley Cream. I know this is fairly obvious from the info above this text, yet it feels good to make this post looks bigger. Let’s walk you through it;

Prelusion is giving me the shivers, banging into my hollow head from the inside out with industrial farts from cosmic robots infecting the membrane with a possible layer of hallucinogens. I think it’s the sound that we need to apply before diving into some superb digital witchcraft.

But instead of old school sparkles the release electrocutes the ears with a gritty noise before starting afresh showcasing a creepy melody with a weird voice who reminds me of the stepmother of Snow-white trying to sell a poisonous apple. The music gets a beat and electric bass that will lure costumers in a trance to become ready to bite those forbidden fruits voluntarily. Mm delicious!

Purgatory’ keeps it creepy, with an original take on the whole witch/house genre; a ecstatic voice on a crushing noise beat that hobbles slowly and efficiently before hinting at a quicker one. It’s solidified with odd sampled synth material to get you that ‘trapped’ feeling of despair. You might have took a bite of the apple, but now someone might want to take s bite out of you.

‘I only wanna see you smile’ is to the point, featuring a crunchy voice pronouncing what it only wants to see. But somehow the music is creepy, making me doubt that this smile is a natural one and perhaps one that is carved into your face with a knife. Still i presume this tune can be romantic in a gothic-kind-of-way.

The last track reveals a hidden knowledge; bitches are witches too’. This brand new information is brought in a mystique fashion, with a slow beat and a moody warm mood it’s been delightfully delivered. I thought it was rather useful and in general this little EP flew by like a witch on a broomstick; pretty high and unpredictable and yet very concrete in which way it’s wanting to go! I’m not a witch or a wizard (neither a black cat or a fruit salesperson) but would love to hear more from where this has came from.. maybe it is the result of a black magic spell, or this EP might actually be good stuff! Find out for yourself at the following link:

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