Secret Salmon – Komputer Magick

Artist: Secret Salmon
Title: Komputer Magick
Keywords:electronic experimental south australia avant-garde dada free improvisation improv improvisationnoise outsider outsider music sci-fi soundscapesoundtrack weird Adelaide

Hi there! Isn’t it magical that thanks to computer magic you are here, able to read what I wrote? See the things that you see and be able to follow links that we provide? Don’t you love computer magic already? Yes, I bet you do! So this fine release by the very secretive trio ‘Secret Salmon’ is basically rubbing this computer magic onto you, delivering something that you love even if you didn’t really realized it before.

Like the sound of a trapped squirrel in a attic the music stumbles it’s way down the hallway. A great acoustic effect with enough space to suck you in only to be greeted by a mysterious voice that isn’t at all squirrel-like. Or perhaps it is as I believe not to have heard a talking squirrel before (with exception of the chipmunks but hell, they are as real as Santa Claus) what the hell is this magic? Oh yes it’s computer magic!

What is real and unreal anyway? The next track ‘not responding’ is pretty real to me, it’s a very calm electronic sounding work that feels a bit like listening to a assemblage of a drug inducing machinery that is performing special tones to throw your ears into a sound of hallucinative intoxication. How magical! It’s the place you want them to be, nicely swimming in spaced out fax machines, rattling riddles of a psychological seduction that slowly faps it’s psychedelic electric sperm deep into your ears, leaving your head all filled up and cozy with that special kind of love.

The computer magic moves along with a cute fascinating sounding ‘Temporal Replacement Therapy’ which is sounding a bit like a well talented goldfish singing a song underwater. In fact it’s probably a band made out of gold fishes one singing, a drumming one, one playing electricity (which is a risky thing to do underwater, so bravo!). The goldfish group bubbles their sounds out like big eyed friendly freaks with a short memory shortage. They are in the moment, hitting the right tones to cutely rock out in their tiny fishbowl; so lovely!

All the way at the end there is even more computer magic with the surprisingly named ‘computer magic’. This track is the perfect example of the future in which human and computer work together to do computer magic. In this case a solid mind drugging soundscape and a enthusiastic voice celebrating the fantastic computer magic. A salute to the amazing bleeps and the blobs, the bits and the bites that wobble hand in hand to do some loving piano emulation; such magic! Click the following link and feel it:

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