Shane Morris – Equinox


Artist: Shane Morris
Title: Equinox
Keywords: Ambient Dream/Meditation
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel

Re-Released around Spring Equinox is this newly mastered version of Shane Morris’ Equinox. A trip!

By the Fire’s Light – The first track on this 4 track EP is a really calming, hypnotizing drum-rich track. Starting with a mellow vibed didgeridoo swell and slowly building it up with more layers added/remove/transferred, this more than 13 minutes track sets the mood. It depicts the perfect sunrise from a place far away in space and time.

The Earth Speaks – unearth the internal rumblings of the earth within you as you’re being taken away on the wings of a large firebird. Or find yourself trapped in a cave with a a lot of fireflies around you. Eather way; the presence of the sun on your skin (yes, even in a cave) will slowly get you energy levels up and prepared for a brilliant day.

Twilight Returns – At the end of your day of meditation the sun will ultimatly set and the sungod will die. But before that, the most beautiful part of the day will come. Twilight; the moment birds wil sing their last chorus, lizards find their holes, flowers will close their sepals and acient humans went too their caves. The part where the sky turns red, purple or another mystical colour. It truly is the pinnacle of every cycle. This part is beautifully depicted in this 10 minute long piece which combines flutes, drums, chimes all blended together.

Equinox – or “the moment in which the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the center of the Sun” and day and night are roughly the same all over the planet ends this really calming and chilling EP. Again a lot is done with the sounds and timbres of the used instruments and you’ll find yourself watching birds fly by ans waves rolling in.

The feeling the new mastering give you is one of space. The layers in the tracks are more/better panned and it feels much more spacious in compare with the 2011 version on Earth Mantra.

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