The Monk by the Sea – LoFi Dreams

Artist: The Monk by the Sea
Title: LoFi Dreams
Keywords: ambient electronic ambient guitar atmosphericchill-out drone meditation noise soundscapes Zagreb

I’m so happy to be able to go to the LoFi Dreams of The Monk by the Sea, a place in which calm and peacefulness rule and you don’t need to do anything. Just float away on these precious sounding waves of friendly music, bathe in them if you will and feel the serene sounds rinsing your senses. Such a relieve and such a blessing this Sea Monk as wherever the stress comes hammering down his music is just around the corner like a Buddhist superman with the patience of a Sunday-hobby-fisher.

This album is so relaxing and pleasant, like passing through a curtain of peace in which you can hide away from hectic activities and drink tea with calm friends that take everything a bit slower & more graceful. It’s a humble exposure of music, not being thrown in your face or smothered in your ears but gradually filling up the room like s blissful dream that makes you invisible for a bit. It’s just as handy as the magical cloak of Harry Potter (not to be mistaken with Garry Potter) but much, much, much more music based.

I can’t say a lot more about this lovely music other then once you go into that audio cloud and leave all the outside pressure out of it; you might probably want to stay there or a lengthy period of time. Luckily the music on this album isn’t shortsighted, with each track perfectly sticking into each other like two hands at a wedding between people who are made for each other; it’s a gradual expanding place to feel safe and at ease in. Stressful job? Home situation or other shit? These dreams by the Monk by the Sea will take you out of it:

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