Spinosa(Spunosa) – Squitch EP

Artist: Spinosa(Spunosa)
Title: Squitch EP

With squishy like beats and sounds these tracks are coming across smooth, wet, cool and on top of their game. It’s like when you order a plate of seafood and the squid stands out, comes alive and shows of a very sexy cool-ruler dance with its body shiny from salad oil. There is something so squishy about these tracks that somehow water drips in my mouth upon hearing them. Perhaps it’s a automatic reflex to create a substantial swimming pool for a cool squid to live in, as who wouldn’t want to become a patron for such cool squidgy music?

With super tight sounding beats, lots of wet sounds, wickedly cool baselines and the additional well placed human samples you probably feel like you need a great looking hat and a pair of dark sunglasses to be able to listen in style. If you could grow yourself some extra squid arms it would be even more perfect; use them to swim around on these fine rhythms.

One of the lovelier fantasy tickling tracks on this release is the wonderful sounding ‘malachite’, the freshness of squid gets highlighted with a super sweet prettiness in mellow mellowness in melody form. It’s just so pretty, makes me feel like being a real life squid under water watching the sparkles of the sun clashing with the surface of the sea; magical!

The last track ‘Martian mantra’ was the tune that I accidentally stumbled upon & which made my enthusiasm as smooth and shiny as the whole squid reference. The groove here, with the nasty but yet pretty bad-ass electric bass material is something that could make a club bounce. For some reason I imagine a tiny squid on the deejay desk, playing these cool tunes and holds all its tentacles above his head to gets a well receiving enthusiastic response from the audience on the floor!

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