Keywords: ambient harsh noise Lawrence
Reviewer: Simon Hit

What to say about PROLAPSED by GAINT FLOW? It’s not meant negatively, but to me it’s like switching on the television and being only able to receive one channel & its reception isn’t good, clear or really viewable. It’s a music channel at least, but even though the big layers of fuzzy tv buzz it quickly becomes apparent that this music channel features only music videos that I personally not really like or enjoy. So it’s a personal experience and this one to me is like being in Hell; a small room with this tv playing loudly, no remote and no door window aka no way out!

I don’t know if that’s the way it is intended, or that my personal hell is someone else their heaven; but that’s just for you to find out and explore. Do you like what you hear? Good for you! You don’t like it? Also fine! Unless you are in that hellish room with no remote and a tv blasting this material with no buttons to switch it off and no hammer to smack it in. I imagine it being made out of indestructible concrete so even picking the source of this sound up and smashing it on the ground would be a big problem.

So what is it? I don’t know; in general I like them noises, but here it’s like watching those guitar rock bands with heavy metal sauce all trying to piss through the fuzzy hiss. It will probably drive neat OCD people nuts wanting to adjust the fader in order to balance it out and or hear and enjoy the fuzz, or switch all the way to the guitar buzz with fuzzy vocals. Or at least that’s what I think it is, I just can’t hear it all so clear and clean; maybe my ears are just screwed and this release is actually a collection of classical orchestra compositions; who knows?

In any case it’s tasty but a specific taste; like Brussels sprouts; if you like it it’s good for you, if not… well you probably won’t eat it, right? So why not give it a chance, what will it be to your tastes? Hell or heaven? Do you want to switch the channel or get annihilated by it with pleasure? Find out over here while I go and see a doctor for my ears:

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