TCLB – Morning Storm [Recorded From Underneath Metal Parking Sapce Awning]

Artist: TCLB
Title: Morning Storm [Recorded From Underneath Metal Parking Sapce Awning]
Keywords: experimental binaural fieldrecording field recordingfieldrecording phonography rain Richmond

I woke up and it was raining heavily. It had been raining all night and considering the carton foamy dreadful sky; it will probably go on for the whole day. It’s nice for the plants, they can sip up some refreshing beverage and wash their leaves and smell all fresh and new, but for reviewing music from my poorly isolated music review hut (put together with twigs, formulated cow poop and palm tree leaves) it doesn’t feels so handy.

It’s as if you are basically sitting outside, in the rain with the occasional drops of water slipping through the poorly made roof on top of my not-so-water-resistant notebook. The sound of the tropical rain (thank you location!) is pretty loud as the water comes straight down like a gigantic higher being who is in continent and leaks nonstop it’s entire entity out. The point is; hearing music within this sound of nature is as good as impossible. Still I have a long day ahead and wanted to drop something for on YIKIS (because health and safety + addictive problems) so I thought and pondered… why not adding more rain noises on top, perhaps some wind and other nature sounds that could nicely mix with the real life sound scene? And that’s where this ‘Morning Storm [Recorded From Underneath Metal Parking Sapce Awning]’ by a certain TCLB came in.

Yes, it certainly blended super well with the tropical rainfall, & yes it did provided a breezy wind to the experience but even with the volume all the way up, the real life tropical raindrops still dominated the sounds in the reviewers hut. Frustrating fact was that also a lot of tropical birds joined the morning noise scene, perhaps bathing happily in the water or maybe complaining about the weather being so harsh on their feathers? Unfortunately I do not speak ‘bird’ and the recording of this Morning Storm couldn’t be heard to well as it suppose to be. I believe it is meant to be heard in a isolated form, but as a add on noise factor with this real life happening of Mother Nature’s nonstop urination from the sky and birds singing and tjirping away it did gave it that extra punch to it…

in fact it made me feel like it was the missing element, also it made me feel a bit like someone with super powers to add the sound of a 1/8/2017 morning storm recording in Richmond, California – hearing in my secret reviewers hut somewhere in Asia on 27 march 2017! It’s like magic really, try to explain this power to people from the Stone Age they would instantly knock you out from how unbelievable it is; the ability to move a natural sound-happening from the recent past into the present to mix with the current weather is pretty spectacular! You can try out this magic in your own climate and weather circumstances thanks to the content over at the following link:

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