Shaun Mara – Tarnished Spoons and Terminal Devices CDr

artist: Shaun Mara
title: Tarnished Spoons and TerminalvDevices CDr
keywords: experimental adelaide avant-garde collage dada neo-dada sound art Australia
label: Tunnel Secret
reviewer: Furchick

I loved it

Breaking the RULZ

Shaun Mara has created an incredible experimental piece that conjures up an alternative reality ruled by cats. Their use of radio, toys and a flexatone is complex and layered. After listening to it many times I felt so inspired that I decided to let the images it conjured up for me speak for the track “alternated weeks”.
The second track is equally impressive and I thoroughly recommend checking out their label Tunnel Secret. You may have to email them as this little known impressive label only deals in limited releases. If you can get your hands on this super limited CD, only 20 made, then do.

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