Tatiana Butts –  i’ll see you in my dreams

Artist: Tatiana Butts
Title: i’ll see you in my dreams
Keywords: alternative experimental fuzz garage pop lo-fi noise pop Italy

Tatiana Butts sings with the perfect wooziness, like soft cotton candy being kindly tucked into the ears and sweetly sealed with aromatic olive oily strokes of a kind guitar. There are words and probably meanings to these songs yet the whole style is like a anomalously pleasant tranquilizer, whispering it’s sedative elements into the brain of a listener in order to make it sleepy and fuzzy like the after effects of drinking a slender chamomile tea after dinner time.

It isn’t exactly the material to kick you off your chair or out of bed; ready for a working day. More songs to cuddle up with between pillows and warm blankets, for those pajama days in which you can relax along or among someone who you can be comfortable with; a cat for example. Together remembering or thinking about a lover, looking at old photos and huffing up leftover spliff butts and nibbling on cookies. Songs that go well together with a ‘time-out’ time at home or a pleasant private cozy environment, eyes hardly open and minimal body movements leading up to tricking its user into day dreaming to a full on sleepy day.

This is the kind of music you should call your ‘boss’ for and tell them you are not coming in today because of ‘insert fake cough here’. In order to just listen it nice and kindly from the appropriate location and style and take on some well deserved ‘me’ time. If you do go to work and decide to listen to these songs of Tatiana; you might be found sleeping on the job and get send home early… so why make the trip in the first place? Embrace the wooziness at the following link:

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1 Response to Tatiana Butts –  i’ll see you in my dreams

  1. Tatiana says:

    Hey! I just found this post about my music! Wow thank you so much, I never expected anyone to make such a positive review on my songs 🙂 Incredible, I’m so happy.

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