anne heche – h + x

Artist: anne heche
Title: h + x
Keywords: electronic ambient house Brazil

Anne Heche’s h + x is a singular track that feels romantic in a dark way. Like a forbidden romance that is naughty and thrilling on both side of the story. With classical sounding instruments and a tight firm sounding beat the soundtrack for such a thrilling ‘forbidden’ love affair (something that parents and most other people would probably not approve off) the scene is very much set.

The impression is even more elevated by the well placed samples of a sampled conversation coming out of a classic movie. I remember seeing it as the movie had a storyline you won’t easily forget, but unfortunately (thanks youth dementia) not remember its title or any other specific details from. But I do remember it was a fantastic story with a jet set setting in which a proper good looking gentleman manages to trick everyone by appearance, covering up the fact that he is actually a jewel thief. I believe he mets a special woman who he confesses his secret too and well… going for romantic on the edge times; so I presume… (Blame youth dementia again…)

In any case h + x does everything to create this dark romantic mood with edgy circumstances. It is a nice reminder of this story, but as a fitting stand alone soundtrack it’s complete enough to make you experience this feeling in a more detailed and fantasized own way. Who can resist such a romantic thrill in nicely played music form?

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