Artist: ZETA
Title: ZETA1
Keywords: electronic ambient avant-garde beats drum and bass electronic experimental industrial instrumentaljungle progressive sample-based vaportrap vgm zetaWindsor
Label: Museum of Skin

ZETA1 seems to bring us a science fictional look into a fantastic future. Not one in which w are all wiped out by idiots pushing the buttons of nuclear weapons but one in which the earth got saved by god like creatures from the stars! Our saviors and new leaders with the ultimate power to make revitalize and upgrade life on earth into a modern day state of the art livable planet once again! Oh how we need to bow and go down on our knees for them to thank their enlarged alien brains to save the earth from greedy psychopaths & restoring and bettering the life as we always have known it. We can immediately trust these star heroes as from the start it’s clear that they do not only have good intentions and lots of wisdom; they do have a great music taste too! You can pick it up straight away as they give you a quick update; the music is very modern, electric but mixes easily with a soulful jazzy lounge vibe; it sounds so foreign and grand – intelligent life forms with a good knowledge of music and the skills to make it is worth to receive with open arms and lots of home made ‘welcome’ signs.

After the right show of obedience and our warm welcome of course the human authorities aren’t happy with a take over and loss of power. Human armies are put on the case like human canon fodder but of course nobody will be able to stand a chance to the good willed but secretly heavy equipped aliens, and listening to their super technical sounding ‘Automated Victory’ is like listening to unbeatable unknown weapons turning every soldier into a tumbling nothing; make way for these visitors of the stars as their will is law and their highly evolved intelligence makes them unbeatable!

Just hear and watch them doing their super energetic positive alien martial arts on their ‘practice stage’ performance and any winner of a earthy talent contest had been reduced to nothings. With happy energy they do amazing tricks, with tight energetic beats and nice spacious melodic hints the do backflips and Saltos like it’s nothing!

After the fighting skills it’s time t show once again their good will to convince the earthlings from their goodwill. They do this by bringing a showcase of ‘Codex’ in which magical colors, amazing strokes of glitter and life flowers up beautifully and gracefully along magical mysterious music that everyone will be mesmerized by; what these creatures from the stars can do is sounding like miracles magic that no one had ever seen or heard before!

Of course when officially taken over and settled down on the human infested earth, the first thing on their agenda is some incredible ‘reversed engineering’. They go straight at work, with nice touches of alien synths, injections of tight drum b bass beats to go straight to the point and reversible engineer the hell out of planet as we know it. The changes might hurt a little to our tiny brains, but will be worth it when all is done.

Not sure who or what ‘Astro Mech’ is but it feels like it’s either our new way of life or the new leader; in any case it’s a combination of tough and strict drumming, energetic and original & very next level electronic blissful bliss in alienating heavenly forms.

At the end we get a good punch in our face; the final end destination is the sound of hyper speed acid induced wonder party music. With warm high tech melodic warm goodness over gritty bass and energetic drum engineering; our destination is to become a happy positive modernized party planet full of modern wonders?! Wow!


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