Nid’pOuL – Live @ Mégamoul’s

Artist: Nid’pOuL
Titoe: Live @ Mégamoul’s
Keywords: rock alien disco happyhardcore noise synth Nancy

Frankie goes in overdrive, too much energy drinks and brain farts that trick the music to go into all kind of ways that no steady driver would come up with. This band is sounding like one group who don’t follow the road, instead steers of it and travel on untouched surfaces through peculiar places in a firm random way without every crashing into a tree or a rock.

Like stunt-people fearless and difficult to pin down from a spectator perspective; all we can do is try to look in awe of respect and if our body finds the right joy to hook up; go for a frank body movement of free expression. Wheee!

This band improvises like no other & if your on the back seat as they drive the audiences nuts, you might be a bit terrified. Their hyper unpredictability is making you feel like they are dangerous drivers, yet their wild energy and sleek and quick rough changes are so surprisingly smooth; you don’t even know what had hit you!

You can hear them in action over here:

Or see and hear them live in action on the 15th of April at the legendary Gifgrond party, Tilburg, the Netherlands.

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