Togoland – taxi

Artist: Togoland
Title: taxi
Keywords: ambient gerogerigegege yokohama, japan dronehanatarash improvisation noise Yokohama
Reviewer: Drunk Derrick

Let’s take the taxi with Togoland as our driver and as soon as we close the door the inside smothers in darkness, the windows thick black and the pressure on our heads manically fanatic; it’s like that phantom who usually visits people in their bed and sit on top of them to crush their lungs out, but now the pressure is all over the body and we have no idea what’s happening. Is this taxi moving, going anywhere? Or was the door of the taxi a pity portal to a demonic dimension and the taxi driver a howling creature whose words we can’t understand because we don’t speak ghoulish.

We can’t really move as the sound tournament breaches the boundaries of normality. Something is sounding like it’s scratching, maybe the window wipers are wiping the window or something creepy is trying to poke out ears out with a toothbrush with the hairs made out of steel? The deeper layers that pump underneath it is like a deal to hold onto; howls and long lasting drone sounds that make the scene bearable and interesting. Finally we might experience the feeling of moving, yet it’s too bizarre for any regular taxi.

It’s only the beginning as we must drive half way while our brain is being tormented with an evil garlic monster trying to express its pain in artistic screeches and none understandable yells on a bed of fierce burning noise. Not so sure why the creature is suffering, or that it’s angry at us; but maybe it’s the weather outside m; which is sounding like a horrible rainfall or perhaps a terrible snowstorm.

Slightly in a kind way, the inconvenient hellish taxi ride of lunacy goes on for a peculiar weird turn. Strange melodies of madness flicker around, brights flashes flits from all the windows & nobody knows what the hell is going on. But somehow a subtle element in the sound ride tells us that it’s all alright and that we are just on our way to the forever burning lunatic asylum.

The flames are hot the closer we near our end destination. It is one in which spirits fly out in search for coolness. They sing some curious tones as they pass by and it will be really weird if it would stop with the taxi driver asking for money that will pop up on the meter. It will be more understandable to expect to pay with your soul for this bizarre ride that feels more like a weird entrapment into a scary unfun-fair ride than anything you’d experience in a taxi. Pretty weird, eh?

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