1000psi – some songs

Artist: 1000psi
keywords: electronic, experimental, chill out, lounge
reviewer: Willem van O.

it’s a random afternoon, we got tea and cookies… What to do? Somehow the internet pointed towards the reverbnation page of 1000psi and made me click the ‘play’ icon so its music stated to play. This gave me the perfect reason to slurp up the tea and devour the cookies and quickly type with free hands some words about these tracks that I heard. Here is the result:

1000psi moves the emotional tears with the soundtrack titled ‘I didn’t get to say goodbye’, an electronic piece with a melody that feels so sad and heavily loaded that it will make supplier of tissues happy (as you might need lots of it to wipe your face dry). Also a track named ‘Summer night’ sound emotionally triggering, even though the long patches of mellowness and the nice backdrop of crickets makes it something of a moment of peace and rest. It’s like the soundtrack for when everyone had gone to bed so you could be with yourself while secretly sobbing away with this music as your lonely friend.

Listening to the track ‘Narrow escape’ is more alive, yet comes again with a high emotional vibe with programmed strings to tickle your senses. A stable beat and percussive clean cut rhythmic section is giving it some flavor to wake up & the random unexpected surprises of odd sound choices will probably keep your eyes dry and the ears in a state of intrigue. Another track to check out is ‘Beginning of the end’ which feels electronically pleasant, like an experiment of crafty early experiments to shimmer low in. It slides perfectly into a track named ‘Badawi’ which goes for strange solo material that feels a bit Arabic on top of a nicely calm bass flirtation.

Interesting how the internet brought me here, and even more interesting to hear and get to know the musical electronic skills of 1000psi. In general like the sounds and the style, it’s a bit old school, like game music with a fair emotional attitude. Not an action game, more one to click endlessly for clues and cry your controller full tears when you hit another ‘game over’ and need to redo the whole level again. The tracks somehow feel a bit more like a soundtrack than a complete track with all the sounds that want to hop in to make a presence; ideal for a detective game or some kind of Leisure Suit Larry with better graphics and content. Check out this artist’s reverbnation page over here:

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