Arabics on speed – banjo by night kept us tight

Artists: Arabics on speed
Title: banjo by night kept us tight
Keywords: banjo, speed, lobit

What happened to The great Arabics on speed? They had made a huge name for themselves way back in the days with many underground appearances on the many obscure record labels out there. They released this ultimate free release of them improvising their thing on the prominent netlabel Top Of The Flops before completely tumbling down the pit of obscurity. It is a mystery what had happened to them; a whole career would be in front of them, mega stages and world tours would be in the palm of their hands… but… nope… nothing.

Perhaps the Arabics on speed lived their life too quick, too speedy to fully exploit their talents? Maybe they burned out and it was a case of ‘this was it’? In any case nobody seems to know what happened to them. I do wish they are alright and that they are still playing their banjos like snorted up romantics with no time to loose. With no new material available and yet a irreversible urge to hear these talented banjo artists again in the prime of their lives; ‘banjo by night kept us tight’ is a good find. It’s the album in which 15 minutes of their speedy fingers can be heard and enjoyed; ideal for their lost fans who hunker to still their good memories or a new generation who had been born after the highlighting famous days of these Arabics on speed.

Is it any good? Of course it is; super romantic banjo happenings that gets played as quick as lucky Luke shooting it’s own shadow. It is them at the height of their legacy, the top of the flops, music coming from the higher heights; coming from the time that the arabics on speed were on fire!

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