Rewire Festival (Day 1)

Fotographer/reviewer: Johan Nederpel

Day 1 – Friday


Enjoy the festival! And we did!

Greg Fox


Intense drummer Greg Fox played a 15 minute set, which was way to short. Notice the black contact mics on the drums. They trigger all kind of other sounds.



Greg started with a friend playing the sexy sax.

St. Cordell


Analoge dance from Eindhoven. An accidental encounter while we where going to another concert. Breaks, d&b and



We are the children! We are on earth to dance! The singer can be best described as a combination between Robert Smith (that guy with that hair) and Ian Curtis (that guy from that band Warsaw)

Daniel Wohl + Slagwerk Den Haag + Matangi Quartet


Very nice interlude in the Lutherse Kerk (you should really go and see this place) with beautiful acoustic drones and percussion. It was a shame we couldn’t see them for a longer time.



Standard shoegaze stance. Friday headliners Slowdive just made it to do their performance as their tourbus broke down.


Rachel waiting to perform another great song.


Neil (yep, just Neil. Oh, he also has a guitar and a mic. And about 40 guitarpedals.)

Blanck Mass


Blanck Mass didn’t really like to have his picture taken and dove behind his counter everytime I tried to make one. So you’ll just get this really cool images of the screen behind him.


Straight blasting beats from the beginnen of the set. Really aggressive screams and sweeps of 50% of Fuck Buttons.


Wait, there he is!

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