toxic chicken – ‘pair of socks’ Anarchy peace & love mix

Artist: toxic chicken
Title: ‘pair of socks’ Anarchy peace & love mix
Keywords: electronic, dance, experimental, singing, beats, love, anarchy
Reviewer: Bert Iased

Because of being under way and having technical issues (being on the road and forgot my ears at home) and still provide the hopeful reader with some (hopefully) appetizing music to hear, I thought let’s go for this ‘pair of socks’ anarchy peace and love mix. At least I know what it sounds like because crazily enough there is still a part of my brain that is still intact & remembers me being there when it was conceived.

It was a easy birth, a happening of a moment all made underneath a table with a craptop (may it Rest In Peace) and a crappy microphone.. oh and two socks who were there doing the vocals for it all. You should have been there with them under the table, it was so cute and cozy; a perfect sign that big mega studios cannot compare to some space under a table. With the environment and the socks being so inspiring, the music just pooped itself out without any thought or painful process; melodies, beats, full on stereo sounds of table top recordings and those loving socks singing on the right and the left to make you feel all loved (and perhaps a bit psyched out…

If you listen carefully you can hear the good times, & exciting happy days in which the socks go for jolly rides through the streets of London on colorful tricycles, break their tiny fingers while sliding down the stairwells, sleeping with knives under their pillow for their creepy Greek neighbor ‘the peeping Tom’ , playing broekgroepelen and visiting the local supermarket wrapped in dirty laundry and plastic bags as shoes. Underneath this table, surrounded in a hoarders paradise they squeezed their happiness out and made it into a piece of music that Jan Strach paid good gold for!

So maybe this is something to hear while me and my ears have parted ways & something to check out while I’m away. Alternatively I recommend to hit the ‘random’ button on the right of the page for a random chance to one of the billion less biased reviews/write-ups/music pointers to check out! Have a good time while the cat is away:

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One Response to toxic chicken – ‘pair of socks’ Anarchy peace & love mix

  1. janstrach says:

    Yep, I bought this and regret it every day. 😦 …Kidding! It’s the best music by toxic Chicken I have heard so far. I adore it. You lot, buy this too and support the man so he can buy more socks.

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