Rewire Festival (day 2)

Day 2 – Saturday

Fotographer/reviewer: Johan Nederpel

Wolf eyes


Starting with a ‘vocal song’, which turned into one massively long track that played their entire performance, Wolf Eyes like not taking themselves or the genre too serious.


Another sexy sax.


‘Hé! Take a picture of me too!’

Nimbus 3000


Sometimes you expect the unexpected, but when you see Nimbus 3000 (or ニンバス 3000) the unexpected really leaves you jawdropping. This The Hague residence producer gets the public actually dancing a lot! Rewire, give this guy a bigger podium next year!

Virginia Wing


And sometimes it is the other way around. I had Virginia Wing on my wantlist for a long time (not that wantlist guys, the music wantlist!), but she disappointed a bit. If it wasn’t for her effort, I would say it wasn’t what I expected. Too bad.

Daniel Lanois


Great visuals, great sounds, but that delayed arpeggiator (his trademark) really hurt the overal music sometimes.


Daniel and his mysterious friend.


Playing ‘Green green grass of home’ as the final of a great performance.



Louder than loud band Swans played an almost ritual show.


I adore you, my fans!


‘We heard you had elections and don’t have a Kabinet anymore, so we thought we would bring a couple’. Earplugs where mandatory and given to the visitors by the organisation.



How different is Reckonwrong. Dreamy easy listening electronic tracks with actual poplike songstructures are the best end to a emotional musical rollercoaster.

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