jocelyn packard – jocelyn packard

Artist: jocelyn packard
Title: jocelyn packard
Keywords: alternative drone noise rock post rock Poland

Jocelyn packard caresses the ears with some cute twinkling guitar harmonies, a soft drumstick on a high hat and a earful of sentiment. The music builds up and I felt so ready for it to go into a full rampage of beats and blasts, but no; Jocelyn packard didn’t go for it & twisted it in a u-turn to subtle sweetness and minimalism. You could almost hear a needle drop when this moment pops up so unexpectedly within the first track named ‘mt dorotka’. Jocelyn packard settles us in for a good moment of coziness before hitting the drums and go for an euphoric sweetness that might be wordless, yet tells us a book-like story. One with clear chapters that even get a fierce bunch of darkness which yet again will take the listener by surprise, dragged me by the throat down the abyss of grittiness. All the way down the hole Jocelyn packard will slip through some small sparkles of hope to end this story with, only to be ready to start another.

‘By morning I had lost all doubt’ is the next one, which shockingly combined shock tactics to make your hair raise up in a cruel game of sweet and sour. On one side Jocelyn packard played intimately melodic bits and on the other side intertwined them with a much nastier take on the theme. The sweetness gets influenced by these shockers and become more freaky, like a preparation for nails to be slit under your skin; quietly prepping you up for the gritty guitar sound that sound darker than that new color black that they had invented. With big beats Jocelyn packard strokes these strings of doom to release a melodic hell in a listener’s hearing receptors.

After this is time for ‘bathtub fish’ which sounds at first sight friendly, yet slippery enough to flip back into its darker ways. It’s a slow process in which things even become undoubtedly pretty with loving kindness in melody form. It throws in a nice positive energy that will keep a listener on the edge, colorfully warned by the previous tracks that things might, or might not, go into frantic overdrive. Jocelyn packard keeps it that way all the way to the lonely end; a great way to keep you hooked…

After this it’s ‘dry light’ which sounds from the start like we are being served with something that might become beautifully haunted. There are uptempo drums you shouldn’t trust and humming hymns that feel like ghosts in the backdrop, perfect partners to give the guitar music that supernatural atmosphere that takes it to the next level. After a little break of short silence Jocelyn packard does go in a full rampage, a sick twist by quickly ripping it away and throwing the listener back into the realms of uncertainty. Do not doubt or fear, Jocelyn packard will throw us into the flames and we will burn beautifully.

Burning we will even more with the next track which consists of three tunes in one. Jocelyn packard puts on more wood and black cool and sticks our heads on a barbecue for that well roasted sound and flavor. Sometimes Jocelyn takes a break to add some flavor and seasoning but the tense tension of going up in flames is undoubtedly killer material. It’s like a long guitar drone of pure suspension with a melodic sadness as the reward at the final end.

But don’t worry Jocelyn packard will give us a pretty goodbye tune with the nicely loveliness of a track named ‘Sikornik’ which sounds very bright and at ease; a ray of sunshine in melody form. A nice gift for the rightful person who loves this kind of game between light and darkness:

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