Rewire Festival (day 3)

Day 3 – Sunday

Fotographer/reviewer: Johan Nederpel

Willem Marijs + Gert-Jan Prins + Peter van Bergen


Light and sound installation in the basement of the grey space.


Ranging between noise, freejazz and improv, these three guys made us feel we where at an illigal party back in the 90’s.


‘If I put this mic on my tamborine, will I blow up all 6 speakers?’

Masterclass: Designing the Sound for No Man’s Sky by Paul Weir

If you know me, You’ll know I have a weakness for all sounds ambient. And games, development and weird stuff. Everything camne together in this masterclass by Paul Weir.

A very interactive class about designing sound engines for games, system states, powerpoint presentations and the sound the toilet makes when you flush it. Yep, Paul designed how toilets sound when you flush them. Thankfully not all toilets, but some in shoppingmalls around the UK.

It gave a whole new point-of-view for my own game design.


SUMS: Kangding Ray & Barry Burns (Mogwai)


Kangding Ray turning the knobs up for a great performance and loud bassdrum.



Fabulous lightshow and great modular works.

These Hidden Hands


Slow relaxing dark electronics reminding of structured Venetian Snares slowed down to 40bpm. The Hidden Hands are one of the hidden gems of the festival.


Jeff Mills & Tony Allen


Jeff Mills had a hard time to cope with the difference between quantized techno music and loose African drums. He managed ver well and the crowd went wild!



The Rewire Organisation found the experiment disappointing, but part of it could be that Tony Allen couldn’t play his famous rhythms.

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