Rm3 Project – Perpetual Motion (instrumental

Artist: Rm3 Project
Title: Perpetual Motion (instrumental)
Keywords: experimental new wave punk audio collageCalifornia

Oh so lovely how cute the cuteness of electric grooviness rocks out within the funky funny Rm3 Project is doing its thing. It makes me feel like the dirty Aunt who just wants to squeeze these tunes by the cheeks and tell them how lovely they are. Unfortunately and probably fortunately the music is too fun to stand still and go for a squeezing frenzy; there is simply no time for it; we got to dance silly on these tunes; dancing like a robot, a lost milkman, unfashionable astronaut, psychedelic pop rocker style, strange builder-movements.

Dance with mechanical arms, a hammer and a piece of iron; going for s ironic industrial look and feel, sliding ourself into a retro fest in which electronic sweetness, experiment and heavy guitar all mingle together like a best working orgy of fun.
Who can resist those fanatic synths and active drums with saucy high hats? Only headless people perhaps & even them might be juggling with their heads happily when they get the swing of it!

It for sure sounds like a celebration, which is worth the celebration itself. Even more reason to celebrate this is that it’s gradually turning into twenty years of age. That’s right, this month it becomes 20 year old & even that might give you the impression that this is dated (it is!) but if you listen to these fellows for the very first time in 2017 it’s just as new and nifty as many years ago. You probably love the retro tasting gamers feeling of nostalgia anyway! Bleep blob enjoy your self invented conputer robotic moves and of course the music:

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