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Hello this is my first post on YIKIS. Let me introduce myself; I’m a single mum, single (of course) and two children. Because of me being a single mum and loving music, I thought it would be fun to do some kind of Column of other singles. You know them, still I think they are so under appreciated these days; I hope I can change that somehow by giving them the attention that they deserve from my single-mom perspective.

Singles… there are so many singles out there. Some are lonely, others are happy and even other ones are busy to find partners to pair up with. For this little episode we take a look at some various new singles. Digital ones; because we are so modern! The first one on our list of released singles is Z Glowy by Jan Strach. Wait, let me officially announce it for you:

Artist: Jan Strach
Title: Z Glowy
Keywords: rock experimental pop jan strach melancholicpoland polish polska samplepop underpolen Poznań

Ah, so much better…

Jan Strach has cooked up a very fine and interesting single to hook your ears up with. With a extraordinaire mix of alien vocals, twinkling synthesizes and a strange depth of weirdness to reckon with the ‘Z Glowy’ is shaped and formed. It feels like a encounter of a UFO, something you won’t see or hear every day and yet you will be able to talk about it in anecdote form to generations to come. The song material is like a moment of science fiction that has come to life in audio form as evidence for not only the existence of aliens, but also the musicality of them. It’s a song taken from the new Jan Strach album, yet to be released, yet already material to wet your panties for!

So what’s another single that’s available on the market for singles? Camp Candle’s One Day, My Friend… wait, let me announce it officially:

Artist: Camp Candle
Title: One Day, My Friend
Keywords: alternative hip hop art pop indie pop indietronicaPhiladelphia

Camp Candle’s One Day, My Friend is one of those singles that feels so top notch modern. It has the swing and the groove & even a slap-bass that pops up only at the right times. The song is sung by a voice that is hazy and poisonous, one that can lure you in her trap and once you are there you will be entrapped by synthesizer goodness, programmed rhythm and a heroines feel that makes you feel all relaxed and deranged at the same time. This is the music that feels perfect for the night, good to hear around at fabulous parties in which champagne is queen and the king is completely out of it, dancing somewhere in the moonlight.

It’s nice not to single singles out and include as much as possible, but because there are so many singles out there we got to keep it a bit compact. Maybe this ‘taking a peek at the singles’ thing, can be a regular happening over at YIKIS. If so, in the first episode the single by Ozric Tentacles might not really be missed out on… so here it is:

Artist: Ozric Tentacles
Title: One Afternoon At The Mill
Keywords: hard rock rock ambient dub electronic jazz rockminimal progressive psychedelic rock single space rockUnited Kingdom

This ‘One Afternoon At The Mill’ by Ozric Tentacles is one lengthy single, probably being in line for a fade out when any commercial radio deejay decides to give it some well respected airtime. That’s why; fuck radio! If you like ‘One Afternoon At The Mill’ you’ve got to hear it in it’s lengthy shape and form, as only than it can do it’s psychedelic deliciousness things within you. It’s like a relaxed dose of acid space rock that takes you on a stellar trip among the planets and stars triggered by trancelike music generated by guitars, spacious synths and laid back drumming; what’s not to love about this? It’s probably better than shooting up heroine.. or well no, possibly not; but somehow it might be a good combination.

So many singles out there, it’s difficult to say which is the one for you (or me). You might like the one of Jan Strach, but you might as well prefer the one of Allegra Jane and ISH… certainly a single to be reckoned with:

Artist: Allegra Jane ft. ISH
Title: So Damn Heavy
Keywords: hip hop neo-soul r&b r&b/soul New York

Allegra Jane ft. ‘So Damn Heavy’ is like the piece of a so damn heavy drink that you want, but don’t really have… and if you have it you be probably rolling heavily the day away, not even knowing you had it… so damn heavy! Allegra Jane does the singing with a voice that is flying nicely on a core of strong-full soul, with herself doing the harmonies and the magic touches that seems about going for a nice vacation of overactive heavy boozing. Half way a male person named ISH comes in with the rap that gives it a lower flow, which mixed together with the nicely round sounding voice of Allegra Jane becomes the ideal cocktail that should be proudly served at every fancy cocktail bar.

This single is nice for the ears and seems to invite us to the nearest drinkerette. I imagine it being a very cool and classy place in which not only the best drinks flow but also equipped with a quality sound system and of course Allegra Jane performing her music. If your imagination doesn’t reach so far to imagine such a place just by hearing her song, you can take a peek at her video covering her single release party; it’s giving enough information to sniff up the classiest performance with the attitude and voice of someone clearly made for stardom. Too bad there aren’t any damn heavy alcoholic drinks included, but hey a lightweight beer or wine (or even some homemade fermented fruit salads) would do the trick! Enjoy the song and cheers to it!

If weird pop experimental electronic weirdness is more your kind of dating material, maybe the next and last single by Usted is something up your alley. The single of choice is Fue él and even comes with a B-side so it’s like your dating a twin. Let me officially announce it:

Artist: Usted
Title: Fue él
Keywords: others pop alter ego psychedelic electronic singletropical Berlin

I don’t know anything about Usted, but drinking enough drinks with helpful percentages of alcoholic material helps a lot to make it all sound good. The single has a nice mixture of electronic rock weirdness with vocals and a anti-clockwise rhythm. It has something like a carousel, something that goes round and round and hypnotizes the ears with a firm dooby dooby wooby sound and feel. The kind of psychedelic material that slips into you and knocks you in another world without you realizing you had been knocked into one.

As a single mum, I must say that I have very enjoyed listening to all these singles & being able to write some words on them. I really hope to return here and write more about other singles that are out there waiting to be adopted by loving single-lovers & music friends. take care and until next time!

Single Mum

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