BLEECH – A Year in Ruins

Artist: BLEECH
Title: A Year in Ruins
Keyword: experimental avant-garde drone goth soundscapeDurham

Good day and welcome. Last year might have been a heavy year, but this one seemed to be ruined before it even had really started. Luckily BLEECH gave it a positive swing by claiming A Year in Ruins as its title for its latest release. It’s pretty noisy, so if you don’t like that; it might ruin your day… but if you are one of those lucky people who adore it; it might make your day a little bit more starts with a track named ‘orchid in bloom’ and be aware that BLEECH doesn’t take prisoners and goes straight into the harshness.

In the middle of the harshness the presumed “orchid in bloom sound and feel” makes a appearance, oh how the flower shines and glows in the battlefield of noise. Perhaps the harshness was just the way forward, the way it grows until its beauty could erupt. Perhaps it was just the needed process to piss off any fake orchid lovers and possible orchid predators; so only real orchid in bloom friends are treated with the real thing.

The next work named ‘cyber fatality’ goes for another kind of session, first giving the impression of your average beat production ready to step around on; but than going for an electrifying sound that feels as if some electrician had not only pulled the plug of the attempt towards ‘normal’ music, but also set somehow fire to the whole thing. It’s a vibrant sound anyways and nobody cares about music to step around on; electrifying fuzz is where it’s all about! To make this cyber fatality more nicer is the unexpected pretty harmonic layer that slips over it & even outliving the hissy spectacle.

The next one is ‘crushed dandelion’ which sounds as if the artist is having a bunch of them and crushing all watery liquids out of them for audio pleasure and some unique nastiness. At first the crushed dandelion sound are quite fresh sounding, but not long later the real crushing start and it’s becoming more crunchy and crusty.

Last but not least is ‘ direct line / focus repeat ‘ which is hunkering like a weird machine-like engine heard through various ways. Maybe one time with earwax in and at other times with a clearer ear-passage. But the sound is nicely rattling, slowly going into a more heavier overdrive, like a washing machine with gravel spinning inside it; it’s hard work but it will be rewarded with a melodramatic moment as it’s highlight. After it’s done it’s bright thing it seems to dive strictly underground, like a muffled storm with our ears full of sand listening to a destructive session of mature nature.

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