Max T – Palm Isle

Artist: Max T
Title: Palm Isle
Keywords: electronic experimental pop Montreal

Positive dreamy happy good vibes?
Search no further!

This lovely release is taking us to amazingly sweet wonderland, a place in which everyone sings along in harmony, euphoric sugary melodies fill up the air to thrill the ether with cheerful queerness. There is love in the air, a place in which everyone is accepted, cheerfully locking arms together in a state of friendly togetherness. What a place wonderland is & how warmly welcome we all are is a miracle on its own!

‘Terror, Bright’ takes the happiness to the next level, with soapy bubbling music bits, very squeaky and jolly as if rubber duckies are responsible for the music. See this is as a love bomb, everyone is happily being terrorized with warm loving good vibes and kindness. It has a real childlike joy to it all, one with a modern Disney-on-crack kind of feel in which all is good and rightfully bright.

Then it’s time to chill out in a state of wonder and bliss on this cute sounding Palm Isle. One in which we all can be safe, but not safe from love and safeties. With loving mellow mellowness the magical sounding Max T seems to bring a paradise dream to our ears and fantasies; one which is sounding vibrant and harmonic, full of warm sunshine in which all the ugly ducks can be swans!

It’s incredible that this release manages to keep this happy vibe up throughout all the tracks, making that ‘Time Is’ another lovely hit track in which a fantastic fantasia is being brought out in a frenzied colorful energetic cuteness. The drums are quick, the voices are like harmonic choirs of jungle creatures and the melody is super jolly and joyous!

Last track on this super cute release that is available on tape (with fancy sticker!) and digital is “strawberry”. It’s the slowest song of the collection, almost like a ballad with ‘strawberry’ as it’s shiny middle-point of attention and good vibes. It is the perfect memorable end with dreamy harp strokes and a surreal honesty to it that makes you feel like a child on a tropical island full of goodness! So lovely!

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