Mightysweet in action

The world of live music, deejays, performers and producers has all nicely melted together these days. A great example is Mightysweet, from Stuttgart, Germany. He is described in his promo write up as a special producer and DJ & somehow seeing him doing its thing, it’s probably without a doubt; no lie!

Of course we are all about the music, but somehow the music of Mightysweet gets better with the appearance of Mightysweet himself, enjoying his own tunes in a flashy colorful environment of moving lights, in a blue-ish purple location. His enthusiasm simply knows no boundaries and is pretty much the thing that keeps his many fans hooked with pure fascination.

Seeing Mightysweet’s performing (and enjoying!) his tune named ‘Journey to the earth!’ has something innocently good to it. The way how he controls the music, and gets totally merged in the colors of the sound is a fantastic sight for the eyes. His head will bump to every melody and beat, his psychedelic hat will not only be a fantastic prop that functions (with the help of some mdma) as a portal to another world… but also effectively as a fancy hat, worn proudly by Mightysweet on the height of his spectacular performance! Watch Mightysweet’s arms and hands doing those amazing moves is just as much a joy the eyes as a joy to the ears. His sound goes for heavy bass and classy melodies that feels almost like gamer music from the good days reincarnated to be submerged with dubstep elements. It’s a combo that Mightysweet loves and that is clearly viewable in this video capturing him in pure action:

Of course with such an epic entertainer in the house you probably want to hear and see much more of this electronic talent. Maybe a little short-mix by Mightysweet might brighten your day and still your hunger for more? This time no colorful backdrop but a more stable blue, but it will gets brightened by the colors of the keys on Mightysweet’s mighty music device! What is this magic and how does Mightysweet mix these tunes? It’s probably explainable, but let’s say its pure magic!
In any case Mightysweet knows how to provide a pulsing kick + melody and knows how to knit them all together by making those mysterious lights flicker in the dark. To make the electronic dance music more human it really feels fun hearing Mightysweet pushing those buttons… It isn’t sweet, it’s Mightysweet!

You can find out more information, buy his music, watch his photos or contact him to perform at your party on his official website:

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  1. DarkNatasha94 says:

    I like him.

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